Vehicle Issue Causing Truck Accidents

The size and weight of commercial trucks are the main reason for the accidents. The accidents even after having the license take place because of vehicle issues, low maintenance and ignorance. Ladah Law Firm has researched some of the vehicle issues that can cause truck accidents. Your lawyer can gather evidence on account of vehicle issue if a truck has the below listed issue and caused personal injury.  Through this blog have an idea about the vehicle issues and resolve them to avoid the accident.

Vehicle Issue Causing Accident

Brake- Brake failure or poor maintenance of brakes is a very dangerous situation for any truck driver and the vehicle in front. Brakes have to be primarily checked by any truck company before setting it up for a commercial route. An experienced lawyer will check if the cause of your personal injury is brake failure or not. If this is the case, he can make the truck company and the driver accountable.

Tire Blowout- Commercial trucks are heavy and a lot of pressure is there on the tires because of the weight and the distance. If the tires are not fresh or recently changed it will blow out in the middle. A driver can lose control because of a sudden tire blowout.  

Engine Failure- Because of engine failure the truck will stall while on the road. It will increase the chances of collision. Engine failure when there is a lack of maintenance, a defect in the engine system, or faulty components.

Suspension system- A stabilized suspension system maintains stability and control while driving. If the system is defective or not properly maintained, the truck will roll over and become unstable. Truck company is the one who is responsible here for not checking the suspension system before.

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Transmission Issue- Because of the transmission problem truck can lose power and can shift in gears without any prior action. When gears are not in control, accidents will happen. Here the lawyer has to check when the truck company has last maintained the transmission issue of the truck.

To conclude

Heavy vehicles need maintenance and proper care. Trucks or any vehicle common cause of accidents is low maintenance. Experienced lawyers know about this and the protocols that have to be maintained for running the commercial vehicle. If you have faced personal injury in a truck accident consult an experienced lawyer who knows about the rules and regulations. They can make your case strong with this evidence and will help you get justice.  


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