How Lawyer involves in Revoking the Power of Attorney?

Revoking a power of attorney is not legally allowed and calls for consequences. The complete involvement of lawyer in this process is required to make sure situation is lawfully protected in your interest. Through this blog get in touch and for help, call Plyer, Long & Corigliano team in understanding the revoke situation of power of attorney.

Steps you need for revoking a power of attorney

Legal Advice:

Meeting with a lawyer and discussing the reason to revoke a power of attorney will be the first and necessary step. Here the lawyer will assess the type of power of attorney you have and what is mentioned in clause.

Revocation Document:

The lawyer after accessing everything will draft a revocation document that clearly states the power has been granted to the agent. As everything will be in legal language so in order to avoid any ambiguity and legal challenges lawyer will be there to explain. The document will contain principal’s name, agent’s name, the date of the original power of attorney and statement.


The principal has to authorize the revocation document by the way of signature in the presence of a notary public. Jurisdiction has to be there to witness the same. Before and after the signature the lawyer will read the document to check if it validates with the legal requirement.


It will come under the responsibility of the lawyer to notify the agent in the event of the revocation. This is done to prevent the agent from continuing under the authority of now-revoked power. Lawyer will also notify the third party or institutions that rely on this power of attorney. This will make sure that no unauthorized actions are taken by the former agent.

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In the places where the power of attorney document was recorded like banks, land lords, public offices the revocation document has to go. The lawyer will make sure all the relevant public records are as per the revoked situation only.


If required, the same lawyer will draft a fresh power of attorney mentioning about the new agent appointment, and continuity in the principal’s affair. They will also make advise on legal safeguards so that new agent doesn’t misuse the power.


Revoking a power of attorney is a legal matter and comes under state-specific laws and regulation. As this is a delicate legal matter therefore the lawyer with experience should handle this. Involve a legally sound lawyer to ensure that revocation is legally sound, effective and properly recorded.  


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