The Best Meta Formation And Custom Tactics For Winning Games In FC 24

We are nearing the end of June now, which means FC 24 is at a high in terms of number of active players, especially after the recent buff in Objectives, Rivals, and Champions rewards.

Although a higher player count does mean less time waiting in queue for matches, it also means that the FC 24 matches are going to be sweatier than ever. Which is why we are sharing the best meta formation and custom tactics so FIFA players can win games and get the best rewards to improve their team. Let’s get started!

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For regular FIFA players of Ultimate Team, this should be no surprise. The best meta formation in the game is the 4-3-2-1 formation. It allows FC 24 players to easily switch the ball from one corner to the other, completely opening up the defence of the opposing player.

We are going to be choosing the Balanced Defensive Style with 35 width and 71 depth. As for the offence, we are going with the Fast Build Up Play with Chance Creation set to Direct Passing. The width is going to be set to 40, with 6 EA FC 24 players in box and 1 player for corners and free kicks.

Player Instructions

For the attack, our striker is going to Stay Central, our left forward is set to Target Player only, and our right forward is set to Target Player, Drift Wide and Come Back. Our right midfielder is going to Get Into Box, while the left midfielder is going to Stay Back. The central midfielder is going to Stay Back and Cover Center.

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As for our fullbacks, there are no recommended instructions for the center backs. EA FC 24 Players are free to set them to what suits them. The right and left back are both set to Stay Back and Overlap.

Best Players To Use

Setting the right formation and tactics is one thing, but choosing the right FIFA players possessing the right FC 24 playstyle is the cherry on top. Let’s start with the attack. A FIFA striker with a 5 star weak foot and Finesse Shot Playstyle+ will allow gamers to score from any angle.

For the midfield, the right midfielder should be an attacking midfielder with Intercept Playstyle+ in his/her repertoire, along with good dribbling and passing stats. EA FC 24 Players like Bellingham would be a great choice over here.

For the fullbacks, defenders with Pinged Pass will really open up the opponent’s defence and allow players to score goals. Choosing a tall EA FC 24 defender is really important as well, so FIFA players can stop corners, which have now become a sure shot at goal in this game.

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