When Should You Hire a New York City Car Accident Lawyer?

With a high population concentration, New York City is no stranger to devastating car accidents. Drivers in the city are notorious for showing off their expensive cars, speeding, and not following traffic regulations.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in New York City, and intend to pursue compensation, you can hire a reputed personal injury law firm with a team of experienced New York Car Accident Lawyers or try to deal with an insurance company yourself. 

Lawyers Have Significant Experience In Assessing Car Accident Cases

When you work with an attorney, your chances of succeeding and getting the compensation you deserve are much higher. 

Your Personal Injury Lawyer will focus their efforts on only one goal – how to get maximum compensation for you. 

An attorney with experience in accident cases like yours can tell you during the initial consultation whether it is worth it to pursue legal action. 

After a car accident, meeting with an attorney is the best way to determine whether or not your case has merit. 

If you are unlikely to win your case, you can avoid the time and expense of the legal processes.

Lawyers Have Access To Resources

Detailed investigation of complicated auto accident cases is only possible if the attorneys are backed by a parent law firm with extensive resources.

The ability to handle large case expenses means your lawyers can hire expert witnesses and utilise cutting-edge technology to help you build the strongest case possible.

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At Gregory Spektor And Associates, we have the legal expertise and investigative tools to handle even the most complex car accident cases.

We have access to accident reconstruction experts, investigators, life care planners, engineers, economic experts, and medical consultants who will help to develop the necessary evidence to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients.

Lawyers Know How to Investigate Car Accidents

Your lawyer will conduct a thorough investigation and collect compelling evidence to strengthen your case. 

The investigation requires them to interview witnesses, obtain CCTV footage, collect medical and police reports, and document anything that could serve as proof in court.  

After your attorney has collected sufficient evidence and information regarding the claim, they will review New York State case laws, common laws, applicable statutes, and legal precedents. All of this evidence ensures you have a valid rationale to pursue the claim.

Your Lawyer Will Get You A Better Settlement

Settlement negotiations can be carried out before a lawsuit has been filed or later. Your lawyer will use documentation such as accident reports, doctor’s notes, and other evidence to support your claim and to negotiate the highest possible settlement.

A seasoned car accident lawyer has experience in determining the value of your injuries and obtaining the evidence necessary to establish that value. 

At Gregory Spektor And Associates, our lawyers don’t just accept the first offer that is made. They negotiate and push for the maximum amount possible. 

Gregory Spektor And Associates: New York Personal Injury Law Firm With Extensive Experience In Settling Car Accident Cases 

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The car accident team at Gregory Spektor And Associates has an excellent reputation with insurance companies, judges, and opposing lawyers in New York. Our car accident lawyers are known for their ethical and straightforward approach. 

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a car accident anywhere in New York due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for past and future medical bills, lost wages, and more. Reach out to our New York personal injury law firm to schedule a free case evaluation.  

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