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Platelet Plasma Treatment and Electrolysis: Enhancing the Facial Beauty

Maintaining beauty is something that everyone prioritises. Both men and women try their best to transform their facial beauty if they currently feel dull and demotivated. But finding the right treatment for that is important.


Two cosmetic treatments, namely Electrolysis in Bristol and Platelet Plasma treatment can be super effective in giving a major change to your facial beauty. These two treatments have become rather popular in recent times. But to ensure that they work well, get them performed under the guidance of top dermatologists. 


Treatment of Electrolysis is done for the accurate removal of all the unwanted facial hairs as this can adversely affect the glow of your face. On the other hand, Platelet Plasma treatment is done to improve facial skin and enhance other aspects.


In this post, everything about these robust cosmetic treatments will be discussed in full details. 


Understanding the Procedure of Electrolysis 

Cosmetic treatment of Electrolysis in Bristol is an advanced procedure that involves the permanent removal of facial hair. It has to be performed by highly experienced dermatologists and electrologists.

The procedure gets done with the help of electricity that fully destructs the unnecessary hair follicles. Hair from your entire body can easily be removed with the process of Electrolysis hair removal. 


This cosmetic treatment is done on many areas such as the face, eyebrows, breasts, abdomen, etc. But facial hair removal is one of the most popular all over the world. Removing unnecessary hair from the face helps to restore the lost charm and beauty. 

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Electrolysis is done according to the number of sessions needed. However, it is person-specific and different for everybody. Once the sessions are over, you will find unnecessary hair gone. 


Specialists like dermatologists or electrologists use electricity to destroy the hair follicles completely. The Electrolysis equipment is capable of destroying the ultimate point from where hairs grow by using perfect heat energy. 


A small minute probe is inserted accurately inside the skin pore. Then, the hair follicle is collected and completely destroyed so that the dead hairs can be taken out with the help of tweezers. Ultimately, cells and the root of the hair follicles are completely killed, leaving no scope for any other hair to grow up again. 


  1. What Are the Benefits of This Procedure?


When it comes to the matter of permanent facial hair removal, Electrolysis has certainly been the best compared to any other cosmetic treatment procedure. 


Since Electrolysis does not use any type of harsh chemicals other than electric current, this is safe for every skin type. It even works perfectly on sensitive facial areas.


When compared to laser facial hair removal, Electrolysis works best for people with golden, grey, red, or any white hair. White hair removal goes very well with this Electrolysis in Bristol hair removal procedure. 


Understanding the Procedure of Platelet Plasma Treatment 


Platelet Plasma treatment consist of two elements – the liquid portion of the blood and the blood cells. Both these play an important role in a human body’s natural healing methods. 

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Platelets are well-known for their robust blood clotting abilities, but along with this, they also consist of strong growth factors that can easily trigger proper cell reproduction and instigate all the vital tissue regeneration.

Experts take a small sample of blood from the patients and put it inside a device known as a centrifuge, which spins the blood sample rapidly and separates it from other elements of the blood.  By using an individual’s own blood cells, Platelet Plasma treatment can easily regenerate facial skin deeply from the inside. 

  • What Entails in This Procedure?  


The Platelet Plasma treatment can be conducted as a stand-alone procedure or in addition to any other treatments like laser treatments and microneedling. 


This treatment involves a three-step procedure. From taking the blood out to separating the platelets from the leftover blood inside the centrifuge and then reintegrating them deep inside the skin, the procedure is extensive. 


The PRP injections are then run or spun down inside a centrifuge to separate the blood into various components such as red blood cells (RBC) and white blood cells (WBC), Plasma and Platelets, etc. 


The platelets are then collected and properly mixed for at least 2 to 8 times from their normal numbers. The preparation procedure is continued until it is ready to be injected directly into the treatment area. 

  • What Are the Benefits of This Procedure? 


Platelet Plasma treatment helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and keeps the skin safe from sagging. With this treatment, years of skin damage can be reversed in just one session. 

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By inserting deep inside the dermis to instigate proper collagen production and other vital connective tissue regeneration, facial skin gets tightened and appears to be more enhanced after the treatment. 


People between the ages of 18 to 30 struggle with acne. Issues related to hyperpigmentation can easily be addressed with the help of microneedling, along with Platelet enriched Plasma, which develops tiny openings inside the skin to boost up collagen production. 




Platelet Plasma treatment and Electrolysis in Bristol are certainly the best cosmetic treatments for all those who are concerned about their appearance and are in dire need of enhancing their facial beauty. Both these treatments are equally compatible with people with different skin types, tones, as well as textures.  


Once you understand the procedures in detail, you can determine which one to undergo. However, it is essential that you consult a dermatologist or go to a clinic before choosing any cosmetic treatment.   

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