Navigating Teenage Friendships: A Guide for Parents

Teenage friendships are different these days. In old times things were rather simpler. Parents knew who was the kids’ company even the whole neighborhood had the idea of the social circle of any teenager. Now scenarios have changed. There is this online world full of social friends and most of them are unknown and strangers. Most of the time parents are not familiar with many of those friends. That’s how things work these days. But do the parents have accepted it and are living worry-free life. Well, a big No because now they are more worried about the kids. 

So if you have seen a blue-haired guy on the Facebook newsfeed of your kid or if your teen is discussing a friend you don’t know about then maybe it’s time to get familiar with the online world and friendships. Well simple way can be to make an account and get yourself added to their online circle. But that’s a rather tricky thing. Kids these days are smart and they know how to hide themselves and shady companies that can supposedly be trouble for them.  

These kinds of situations are very stressful for the parents. Parents want nothing but the best for their kids and most importantly their safety. The other way to navigate teenage friendship is through the use of a parental control app which is rather a simple and common way these days. 

TheOneSpy App Your Go-to Tool:

TheOneSpy is an Android monitoring app that will allow you to have complete remote access on your kid’s phone or laptop/tab. Thus, it will help you to trace your kid’s activities through digital footprints. You just have to make sure to install the app on your device whether smartphone or tab by following simple steps. You need to have physical access for installation. After that, you will have remote access to everything. From social media friend lists to private chats, call logs to gallery, and live location you will get to know everything. Magical right?

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Get A Clone Copy of A Smartphone?

If you are on a mission to know your child’s friends’ whereabouts, a gateway is his or her phone. TheOneSpy android spy app can give you the ability to clone your kid’s Android phone. Thus, you will get notified of every activity done on the targeted phone. It provides complete access to all the media. 

Want To Know The Call Log?

TheOneSpy provides you call log history tracker feature. It allows you to get details of every incoming and outgoing call. It will let you know about every new entry added to the callbook. Simply put you can know the blue habit guy’s name and how many times they call each other every day. The call tracking feature also provides you information with about timestamps. 

Want to Listen to Your Child’s Surroundings In real time?

If your kid’s long after-school discussions are stressful and frustrating. Don’t be anxious. Now instead of overthinking in the parking lot, you can simply hear that conversation with TheOneSpy. With TheOneSpy live surround listening app, you can just hear every discussion and surrounding voices of the targeted person. This is a beneficial feature for all those worried parents who are curious to know about their kid’s life but can’t do anything because the kids are shy or don’t share.

Want Instagram or Snapchat Login Details?

Kids these days are into social networking. There is a long list of social media apps that are in trend. If you are worried that someone may be stalking your kid with bad intentions or you want to know that blue-haired guy added recently on every account, TheOneSpy can help you. With TheOneSpy, you can now know the login details, instant chats, etc. TheOneSpy provides you with services for many social media platforms. WhatsApp, IMO, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and many more, you name it and TheOneSpy is at your service.

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TheOneSpy can help you lessen your anxieties regarding your teen safety. It can assist you in keeping an eye on your child’s online and digital activities as well as real-life interests. Thus next time when that blue-haired guy comes home with your child for a school project you will already know that he is a sweet gym freak and no need to worry about his appearance as he is good company. Get the plan you need as the app offers monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans for its users. Different bundle offers different types of features so you can easily choose according to your needs.  

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