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Laundry and Dry Cleaning Tips for Cambridge Students

Students living in dorms and apartments have regular home tasks, coupled with laundry & dry cleaning tasks. Students need a strategy to avoid having difficulties. But, if you want tips on dry cleaning Cambridge services, check out a laundry near you to see how they operate.

A suitable service provider of dry cleaners in Cambridge, like Love2laundry, can give you ideas and guidelines about how to do your laundry.

Here are some tips you can learn from the best dry cleaners in Cambridge for making your laundry easy:

Check the Zips and Empty the Pockets

Before starting to wash your clothes, check if there’s some important document in your pockets or not and close the zips of jackets and pants. It’ll protect your clothes from tearing apart, and empty pockets mean that there’s nothing important left in it.

Make sure to read the instructions mentioned on the label of your clothes and choose the laundry detergent and washing cycle, as the dry cleaners Cambridge also do the same.

Sorting the Clothes by Colours

Sorting clothes according to colour is another way to wash clothes without having them damaged. It’s because some fabrics release colours during the washing process, and if the same colour fabrics are in the washing machine, the colour spread won’t be a problem.

If you still feel like you can’t achieve these tasks, hire the services of expert dry cleaners in Cambridge for your heap of laundry.

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Use Cold Water

Using cold water to wash sweaty clothes must be cleaned with cold water. It’s a tip that experts in the United Kingdom encourage Cambridge students to follow. It will eliminate sweat and protect your clothes from fading and shrinking.

For fabrics like whites and towels, you can use hot water during the washing process to remove stubborn stains and odours. Remember to contact experienced dry cleaners in Cambridge for a better understanding.

Materials Needed

For students who want to do laundry and dry cleaning by themselves instead of hiring the services of dry cleaners in Cambridge, gathering the required materials should be their first task. Look for a basket to take your clothes from the laundry room to the washing machines.

Then, search for a laundry detergent and stain remover that should be according to the instructions mentioned on the clothing label. In case of using bleach and fabric softeners, try not to overuse it.

Choose a Specific Day

Selecting a specific day to do laundry and dry cleaning can save you time and balance your routine as a student. It is a tip used by expert dry cleaners in the UK to manage loads of laundry in a single day.

Doing laundry once a week is the best way, and choosing the weekend for the job is the right approach. You can easily wash your entire laundry within hours and then shift your focus to your college assignments for the next week.

Avoid Overloading the Washing Machine

A common mistake most Cambridge students make is that they fill up the washing machine to the top to wash their clothes in a single round. However, it’s a unsafe strategy. Both your washing machine and outfits can sustain damages beyond repair.

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You must follow the tip of not overloading your washing machine given by professional dry cleaners. Otherwise, check the dry cleaners Cambridge prices and hire one.

Before You Go

Dry cleaners Cambridge service providers possess all the strategies to wash clothes. They even provide essential tips for students to lower the burden of their laundry so they can concentrate on their studies.

Keeping in mind the fact that some students might prefer outsourcing their laundry to an expert, the service of cheap dry cleaners for Cambridge students is available at every corner. Just check the reviews and experience of multiple launderers and dry cleaners and choose the one that satisfies you.

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