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Can You Manage Sleep Apnea Without CPAP?

Sleep apnea can get troublesome for other people around you also at times. If you share your bed with someone such as your spouse, you might be disrupting their sleep also unconsciously. Traditional medical experts often suggest the treatment of sleep apnea through CPAP. However, these days Sleep Apnea Treatment Without CPAP is also available. If you do not wish to bear with the uncomfortable experience of CPAP, you can always try out alternate ways. Here, let us know the possible ways to manage sleep apnea without CPAP. 

What Happens When You Sleep Without CPAP?

When you have sleep apnea and you sleep without CPAP, here are some of the common challenges that you may have to face. 

  • Excessive snoring that interrupts the sleep of others in your bed. 
  • Suddenly waking up from sleep gasping for breath
  • Not having adequate sleep due to discomfort


So, if you have sleep apnea and you are trying to sleep without CPAP, you welcome sleepless nights for yourself and also around you. However, some ways can help you in managing your sleep apnea if you want to ditch your CPAP. Let us know how. 


How to Manage Sleep Apnea without CPAP?

Here are some potential ways to manage sleep apnea if you do not want the discomfort of using a CPAP. 


Making Changes in Your Lifestyle

In most cases, sleep apnea happens because of a wrong lifestyle that you must be leading. Situations such as excessive obesity or alcohol addiction can lead to a condition of sleep apnea. If you have a mild condition or your condition has just started, you can try out making healthy changes in your lifestyle. Try to lose some pounds, control your alcohol intake, and try making changes in your sleeping positions. If things do not work, you must consult an expert then. 

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Oral or Nasal Device

Oral and nasal devices are other great ways to manage sleep apnea. An oral device is something that you have to fit in between your jaws.  On the other hand, a nasal device is a strip that you must paste into your nose area. But these devices also come with their share of disadvantages. The oral device may cause discomfort for many while the nose strip may not work for many patients. 


The Effective Choice of Zzoma

Modern experts have come up with a new device, keeping in mind the discomfort and disadvantages of CPAP and other alternatives. The use of this device is quite easy and convenient. You just have to tie the strap around your chest area, keeping the device on your back. Now, you can sleep with this device in a comfortable position. The device does not cause hindrance whenever you try to move, unlike a CPAP. Also, it does not cause a congestion impact, unlike an oral device. 


This particular sleep positioning device is much more convenient and even affordable than CPAP. No doubt, it has become one of the most efficient alternatives to CPAP. 


So, can you manage sleep apnea without CPAP? Yes, Zzoma will help you manage sleep apnea much more efficiently without CPAP. 

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